How Long Does It Take To Recover After A Tummy Tuck?

Joseph F. Tamburrino, M.D. | 06/24/2020

Learn more about what you can expect with your tummy tuck recovery, and when you can get back to your regular routine while enjoying your new look.


Weighing the Pros and Cons of Breast Implants

Joseph F. Tamburrino, M.D. | 06/17/2020

Find out why breast enhancement surgery is so popular and what factors you should know about this body contouring procedure to be better prepared.


Does Smartlipo Help Fight Fat And Cellulite?

Joseph F. Tamburrino, M.D. | 06/10/2020

Are you in search of a less invasive way to remove difficult areas of fat and achieve a more toned physique? Smartlipo may be right for you!


Five FAQs About Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

Joseph F. Tamburrino, M.D. | 06/03/2020

Get the answers to many of your questions about breast reconstruction after mastectomy, including what to expect during and after your recovery.


Will A Tummy Tuck Help Prevent Future Weight Gain?

Joseph F. Tamburrino, M.D. | 05/27/2020

Simple guidelines on how a healthy diet and exercise after a tummy tuck can help you enjoy the long-lasting results of a more fit, toned midsection.


I'm Not A Mom. When Can I Get A Mommy Makeover?

Joseph F. Tamburrino, M.D. | 05/20/2020

Learn more about what this combination of targeted cosmetic procedures can do and how being a mom is not a requirement to enjoy the benefits.


Will A Breast Lift Reshape My Saggy Breasts?

Joseph F. Tamburrino, M.D. | 05/13/2020

Are you looking for a way to improve the position and shape of your sagging breasts? Discover why a breast lift may be the perfect solution for you!


What Is The Difference Between Traditional Liposuction And Smartlipo?

Joseph F. Tamburrino, M.D. | 05/06/2020

If you’re looking for a way to eliminate stubborn fat from your problem areas, liposuction or Smartlipo may be the answer! Learn more about both here.


How Should I Prepare For Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Joseph F. Tamburrino, M.D. | 04/27/2020

Before undergoing tummy tuck surgery, make sure you know what to expect during and after the procedure, and learn how to prepare accordingly.


How Long Is Breast Reconstruction Surgery Recovery?

Joseph F. Tamburrino, M.D. | 04/20/2020

Learn more about recovery after breast reconstruction surgery so you can be better prepared and know what to expect before this type of surgery.


Learn What Procedures Are Part of A Mommy Makeover

Joseph F. Tamburrino, M.D. | 04/13/2020

Are you wondering, what does a mommy makeover include? Here are some helpful facts and how this procedure can be life-changing for women.


Five Reasons Women Choose Breast Augmentation

Joseph F. Tamburrino, M.D. | 04/06/2020

When you’re considering breast augmentation, it’s important to understand the benefits of having this plastic surgery before making a decision.


5 Reasons to Consider Rhinoplasty

Joseph F. Tamburrino, M.D. | 12/01/2019

Rhinoplasty is still one of the most common types of plastic surgeries in America, with 213,000 nose jobs performed in 2018 alone.


Smartlipo versus Tummy Tuck: Which Is Right for You?

Joseph F. Tamburrino, M.D. | 10/31/2019

Have you been dieting and exercising for a long time, but have yet to develop the body you want? Prestige Institute for Plastic Surgery has options.


Lost Weight or Had a Baby? Get Your Body Back With a Tummy Tuck

Joseph F. Tamburrino, M.D. | 10/03/2019

If you have saggy skin around your middle caused by weight loss or having a baby, it’s time to get your body back with a tummy tuck.


Ditch the Dreaded Double Chin With a Facelift

Joseph F. Tamburrino, M.D. | 10/03/2019

Is your "turkey neck," or double chin, getting you down every time you look in the mirror? If so, a facelift can remove fat and saggy skin.


Turn Back the Clock on Aging Skin With Eyelid Surgery

Joseph F. Tamburrino, M.D. | 10/01/2019

Do you have droopy eyelids that make you appear sleepy or shifty? Perhaps your eyelids sag so much that they interfere with your vision.


Spots, Scars, and Stretch Marks: Lasers Can Treat Them All

Joseph F. Tamburrino, M.D. | 07/17/2019

Although perfectly normal, the spots, scars, or stretch marks that mar your skin may leave you embarrassed and self-conscious.


The Secret to a Natural-looking Rhinoplasty (aka Nose Job)

Joseph F. Tamburrino, M.D. | 06/14/2019

A well-done nose job can give you sky high confidence or the ability to finally breathe freely.


Your Step-by-Step Guide to a Brazilian Butt Lift

Joseph F. Tamburrino, M.D. | 05/22/2019

You’ve always wanted a rounder, plumper, prettier bum. Maybe you’ve tried eating healthy and working out, but you still don’t have the butt you want.


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